Series on Wallpaper Removal

This is my first video posting and you'll have to excuse my production values as I did this all on my iPhone while trying to demonstrate at the same time! Next go round I hope to be using a camera on a tripod. So for now, this is a set of 16 very short videos on the basics of wallpaper removal. If you have any questions/comments please don't hesitate to contact me.

The general tools that you will need are a sharp Exacto knife, lots of clean towels and wash rags, several clean flat mudding trowels, a supply of clean hot water and bucket, and a good sized spray bottle.

Lightly score the wallpaper that you are wanting to remove with the Exacto knife in a criss-cross pattern approx., 12" apart. This will allow for easier removal by hand of the outer-most layer (usually a vinyl type) of paper first. The video's begin from this stage onward.