"Watching the River Flow" Table #2

If you can, it is well worth getting down to the Sooke Fine Arts Show, which runs July 22-Aug 1. My "River Table" is on display at this amazingly good art show. Pics here show my new style of trestle legs with the much shorter "foot". A big improvement I think. Very happy with my plexi-art inlay through the centre, gorgeously translucent with lots of "botanicals" embedded in resin, swimming in a river of colour. The live edge Alder table is listed at $3000. Canadian. Finished with Tung Oil and polished with wax. When one adds up the workmanship, artistry and finishing, let alone material costs, it's a bargain!

The last two images are close ups of my plexiart that runs through the centre of the table. It is protected under 1/4" safety glass.