The survey consists of this single page. Set aside a few minutes to peruse all 12 images first, and then number rate 1-12, 1 being your top pick. You can leave all the survey boxes below each image "un-submitted" to make changes if need be, and when you are sure you are done, then click each box to submit. Be aware that you can't change your vote once you have clicked SUBMIT.

The Purpose of this Survey is to help me choose which art pieces get selected to become digital prints.
The top ranking choices will get
reproduced as the highest quality giclée on acid free paper, and/or canvas,
and sold as limited editions in batches likely no larger than 25.

The images presented here are of a lesser resolution and size than what will be used for actual printing.

Your submissions are anonymous. If you have a further inquiry, you can contact me here.

Thank you!

Cosmic Birth

Bridge to the Moon 1

Bridge to the Moon 2

Bridge to the Moon 1

Dancer in Lapislazuli

new May Amber #7

the Meeting

All Good Things #4

The Breakout #3

Butterfly on Ice

A Rich Life #4

The Magic Mountain oil-paint