Understanding what a Museum quality (Archival) Giclée (Print) is and the standards I follow



Breathing Color Certificate

This can only be achieved with archival quality inks. In the case of my printer, he uses a Hewlett-Packard Z-series with original HP-branded archival quality ceramic pigment inks designed specifically for producing "giclée" prints.

Customers are mistaken to believe any of this can be "guaranteed" for ever because there are too many factors affecting print permanence other than the paper and ink, such as air-borne pollutants, lighting, humidity, or other environmental conditions beyond what would be considered normal, matting and framing materials, or the application of coatings and sprays not consistent with archival quality standards, etc. So, the best one can say is that when properly mounted and displayed under "normal" conditions, you should expect the print to not show any noticeable signs of fading or colour shifting for 100 years. Properly framed under protective glass and kept out of intense direct sunlight, there is no reason why your giclée will not last 100's of years.

All of my mattes, paper stock and backing are acid free.

I hope this information helps.