Deck Reno

I will be juggling a 3rd job soon as I start a major deck reno, and when all the of these current jobs wrap in July I will be off to Toronto in August again to work for a month on a project there.


Presently I am bouncing between 2 different jobs and soon to be juggling a 3rd all at the same time.

The first set here shows my ongoing Kitchen Rd. project, Salt Spring Island. All exterior windows to be power sanded and re-coated. As work progresses I will add more images. I am almost finished all of their house windows now, just one last set around the north side and I will be doing a little interior work for them then.

The 2nd set shows ongoing work on Walker Hook Rd. The small cottage has been on hold with the carpenter finishing all the trim casings, wainscots and TNG vaulted ceiling. The barn is also ongoing in pieces partly due to weather, and I have just started on the little garden greenhouse shed.

This is the 2nd project on Walker Hook. It consists of a number of projects, the first being the interior of this guest cabin, along with some exterior detailing. Again I will add more pics as the work goes along.


Work has been steady so far this year, just completed 2 house interiors and a number of small jobs. I have a deck to do slated for June, a potential gap now between now and then, and it looks like I may be back in Toronto this summer for more specialty work July/August but that’s not nailed down yet.

Just starting....

my latest interior. No major colour change, in fact everything is pretty much going white, so no exciting change here. Nevertheless, it is what my clients want for their vacation home, and that will be delivered for them. Prep will be very straight forward, some wall, cupboard & baseboard washing, but mainly masking off wood trim and flooring, protecting cabinets etc. Everything is to be painted. Nail holes properly filled in wood and clear coated. Here are some shots before prep begins.