My career as a photographer began with training in the Media Arts Program at Sheridan College, Oakville Ontario, from 1976-79. I then returned to Calgary in 1980 where I built my own B&W and colour darkroom, which went with me when I moved to Vancouver BC in 1983.

For years I did all of the darkroom and news photography for Angles Newspaper and in the late 80's I branched out and began freelancing for several of the best-known modern dance companies in Vancouver including Karen Jamieson, Margie Gillis, and Anna Wyman Dance Companies. I also worked for the Vancouver Opera's school program, and did a major stint with the World Opera Company. As time permits I will be adding some
of my images from this period.

Since the early 2000's photography has become "democratized" to an amazing extent. Everyone has a digital camera in their phone or as a separate device. The obsolescence of film has made almost everyone in the world a "documenter" of their lives and the world around them. Combined with the instant posting of these images on the Internet, this has the potential to provide an extraordinary, profound and very personal representation in how we see our own lives, and those of others.

My photographic work now employs all the amazing digital tools available, long ago abandoning the darkroom and its chemicals. Now what took days in the darkroom I can do in a few minutes or hours from my laptop, and I look forward to sharing this new work with you also.


Thank you for your patience, and I hope you will visit again. Anything new in here will be announced on my blog and on Facebook.


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