The best way...

to demonstrate the difference between my acrylic glass-work and stained glass is to show what a completed piece looks like when "revealed". Please excuse the awkward camerawork as I was removing the glass covering while handling the phone! This work has sold, and is simply called "Summertime"

A video is worth a thousand words when it comes to showing differences between acrylic glass artwork and stained glass. see more at:

New Website Rebuild!

Bleary eyed here after 3 days of completely revamping my website. I have relaunched it and there may be some glitches here and there or out and out silly typo's so let me know if you see something or would like to comment! Much appreciated!!

Coming Home

A Blast from....

A blast from the past. In 1974 I created this painting, but I completely reworked it in 1984. I re-titled "Magnum Opus", and to that date, it was. In 1968, shortly after its release, I saw the film "2001 A Space Odyssey" with my oldest brother and was terrified and awed by that film, but it profoundly influenced my own thinking about film making and art. This painting below is about the end of an old world, represented by the Try-glyph (a symbol of tyranny) and the destruction of the environment, and the dawning of a utopia. Yup. Big idea's back then!

Visit my latest....

visit my latest gallery, showing some of my work process on "The Magic Mountain".

I will be producing a digital, museum quality, archival limited edition FINAL of this work, which will be up in my sales shop within a couple weeks! Or perhaps you would be interested in the original?