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30+ years of experience in painting and finishing,

with expertise in work that requires a high skill level in detail, accuracy and colour design, communication. I have been a Red Seal Certified Journeyman since 2001. My advanced skills have been honed in the areas of residential restoration, interior and exterior homes from beginning to end. In the last five years I have done everything from that to include more specialty finishes (Venetian plaster) to fine furniture finishing. In my career I have offered solid experience, organization and planning, reliability, responsibility, maturity, attention to detail and safety.

In painting, it's not just the tools and skills that make the difference, but a broad knowledge of paint products. There are many products that are not compatible over each other and this is important to know. Attention to quality in this area makes a huge difference. That old saying "you get what you pay for" is actually true in this regard. I am also known for helping guide or advidse clients to colours that will work best for them.

In the mid 1980's I worked for 2 years as Assistant Property Manager at a large condo complex owned at the time by Rancho Realty on West 4th in Vancouver BC. I painted condo rental units, showed suites, set up lease agreements, and was grounds keeper. When Rancho sold the property, the new company brought in their own crew, so I got busy with my own small crew doing residential homes. I also did a number of office interiors at the time for Park Georgia Realty. From then on until I moved to Salt Spring in 2002 I did many many homes, and had the honor to work for 3 different Housing Co-ops managed by CoHo Management in Vancouver.

After moving to Salt Spring I have continued my residential work, doing many many average to luxury homes.

I can of course provide many references upon request.

What is a Journeyman?

In the past, a Journeyman was a man who reached a high level of a particular trade by getting as much experience as possible, usually obtained by journey's to many small towns and cities. Interestingly this still exists to a certain extent in parts of Europe. Today "journeyman", or "Red Seal" Certification is reached through 4 years of apprenticeship, or by an outright "challenge" to take the exam.

In Canada and the US, a Red Seal Painter Certification is accepted in the Commonwealth as proof the individual meets the highest standards of a skilled painter and finisher. In Europe however once you reach journeyman plus some years of proven skills, one becomes a Master painter. I like the term "journeyman" because it hints that one cannot know everything. A journeyman painter working on the space shuttle needs a completely different set of skills and requirements than does a journeyman painter working on a movie set: each works in a world apart.

All highly skilled tradespeople are forever on a "journey": always looking for new challenges and learning new skills. One thing is for sure, every job is different!