I have 35 years of experience in painting and finishing,

with expertise in work that requires a high skill level in detail, accuracy and colour design, and i have been a certified Journeyman since 2001. My advanced skills have been developed in the areas of restoration and interior and exterior residential work from beginning to end. In the last five years I have become more interested in the artful side of my trade: specialty finishes and fine furniture finishing. In my career I have offered solid experience, organization and planning, reliability, responsibility, maturity, attention to detail and safety.

Many people ask "What is a Journeyman"?

A Journeyman is a person who is certified as having demonstrated a specified level of proficiency. To reach this level of certification you have to apprentice for at least 4 years with a current journeyman and pass an exam at the end of each year, culminating in a final, day long

A Journeyman Painter certification is accepted worldwide as proof the individual meets the standards of a highly skilled painter and finisher. I like the term "journeyman" because it hints that one cannot know everything. A journeyman painter working on the space shuttle needs a completely different set of skills and requirements than does a journeyman painter working on a movie set: each works in a world apart.

All highly skilled tradespeople are forever on a "journey": always looking for new challenges and learning new skills. One thing is for sure, every job is different!

In Canada we do not have the official designation of "Master Painter" as they do in Europe, but with 15+ years as a "journeyman" I consider myself a Master Painter.