Starting in late 2007 and...

running through to 2009 I was lead contractor, designer and finisher on massive home interior and exterior reno. Here is just one part of that, a very creative garage to luxury suite transformation. I created a "Grand Room" with a divider wall sectioning off 2/3 of the main room, open at the top to keep the whole space as open and light filled as possible, with a den and kitchenette on the other side, and entrance to a large bathroom at the very end of the old gable end of the house. Over this period other changes took place. The main doorway was changed out and the "projection slot" in the main wall was changed out and enlarged to accommodate a piece of my plexi-art instead (seen in the final image) Below is just one part of this major renovation, all wheel chair accessible. I could fill an entire website with images from this reno, but am keeping this for now to just this section

2008 - It's always a major challenge

when working in tight spaces, especially when people can't move out or have few options for moving their stuff, but this all worked out fine in the end. The orange colour is a suede finish which can be fairly easily sanded down for a repaint if the client no longer wants a textured finish. And I once again visited the client in Vancouver in 2016 when I did a complete repaint of this condo before going up for sale. You can see that by clicking 2016