2005 - Wallpaper removal & installation in a Biedermeier cabinet.

A Little history of Biedermeier:

The style known today as Biedermeier was popular in the early 19th century throughout most of Northern Europe, particularly in Germany. Officially, Biedermeier was only produced between 1810 and 1835. Revival periods include 1860, late 19th Century and again in the 1920s. Most of the furniture from that era remain anonymous and dateless, in character with the modest craftsmen who created the style. But the impact of its unfussy style and clean lines is still felt today.

Many assume that Biedermeier is the name of a celebrated cabinetmaker of the time, but the name is more commonly attributed to a satirical cartoon popular in early 19th century Europe.

Biedermeier decoration and furniture can be recognized by its key factors - clarity, proportion and restraint.

Decorative materials were marble and sandstone used for ornamentation. The dominating colours for the style were clair bois (pale wood) and black ebony inlay.

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